Two Physiology and Functional Genomics Faculty Awarded R01 Grants

Karyn Esser, Ph.D. was awarded a new R01 (R01HL153042) entitled “Circadian clock regulation of myocardial ion channel expression and function.”  The project will study the circadian clock controlled ion channel gene expression programs in both the ventricles and atria of the heart. These data will help define the molecular targets through which an abnormal circadian clock in the heart contributes to arrhythmia vulnerability. The outcomes of this study will provide the translational framework to use circadian concepts as a disease modifier for at risk patient populations.

The total anticipated award amount is $2,382,051.  Congratulations Dr. Esser!


Abdel Alli, Ph.D. was awarded a new R01 (R01DK123078) entitled “The circadian clock protein BMAL and post-translational regulation of ENaC in the kidney.”  The proposed studies will investigate the mechanism by which BMAL1, alpha-1 antitrypsin, and cathepsin B regulate proteolysis and activity of the renal epithelial sodium channel and association with MARCKS protein leading to alterations in sodium retention and blood pressure as a function of time. The successful completion of these studies will help us understand mechanisms associated with sodium transport and blood pressure control over a 24 hour cycle and should result in the identification of novel drug targets and therapeutics for essential hypertension.

The total anticipated award amount is $1,677,500.  Congratulations Dr. Alli!