Basic Science Research

R. Crislip: Use of salt-sensitive hypertension and disrupted circadian clock models

A. de Kloet: Genetic models, viral gene transfer, stress

M. Gumz: Gene regulation, circadian clock proteins, kidney function

K. Esser: How the clock transcription factors target DNA binding in muscle nuclei

Sung Min Han: Investigating neurobiology and aging using the nematode C. elegans as an in vivo model

H. Jones: Placental development and remodeling

R. Mankowski: Biological analyses of muscle and blood to explain clinical results

S. Someya: Hair cell mitochondrial biology, Sex differences in hearing loss, Interorganelle communication

S. Wohlgemuth: Mitochondrial biology and biochemistry

G. Walter: Metabolism, NMR, biophysical properties of tissue water