Abdel Alli, Ph.D., MPH

Abdel Alli, PhD, MPH
Abdel Alli, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Phone: (352) 273-7877
Office: MSB MG40B
Email: aalli@ufl.edu

Education and Training/Previous Appointments

  • 2014: Postdoctoral Training (Fellowship in Research and Science Teaching): Emory University, Atlanta, GA (Physiology)
  • 2009: Ph.D.: University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (Medical Sciences).
  • 2004: M.P.H.: University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (Global Health)
  • 2003: B.S.: University of South Florida, Tampa, FL (Biology)

Research Interests

The long-term goal of Dr. Alli’s research program is to provide an understanding for the regulation of highly selective cation channels in diabetic nephropathy and in various blood pressure disorders, including hypertension. His current efforts are directed towards identifying the role of scaffolding proteins, kidney specific proteases, and exosomes in the regulation of these ion channels in health and disease.

Current projects in the Alli laboratory include (1) examining the role of scaffolding proteins (e.g. filamin, MARCKS, fodrin) in the phospholipid phosphate dependent regulation of membrane transporters in the kidney, (2) examining the role of exosomes in the regulation of sodium transport mechanisms in the nephron, and (3) identifying novel proteolytic dependent regulatory mechanisms in the kidney that regulate sodium transport.

The Alli laboratory applies a multidisciplinary approach that utilizes the full spectrum of molecular, biochemical, and physiological approaches in order to examine complex regulatory mechanisms of membrane transporters in both cellular and animal models. This allows for the identification of novel drug targets and the development of specific therapeutics.

Teaching (Including Courses)

  • Advanced Topics in Hypertension Research (GMS 6413)
  • Fundamentals of Physiology and Functional Genomics 2 (GMS 6472)
  • Fundamentals of Physiology and Functional Genomics 3 (GMS 6473)
  • Physiology Journal Club (GMS 6491)
  • Dental Physiology (DEN 5120C)

Awards and Honors

  • 2021: Awarded a new R01 (R01DK123078) entitled “The circadian clock protein BMAL and post-translational regulation of ENaC in the kidney.”
  • 2018 & 2020: Exemplary Teacher Award, University of Florida College of Medicine


PubMed Listing

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