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Jono McGuane receives award from Society for Gynecological Investigation

Jonathan T. McGuane, Ph.D., has won an award from the Society of Gynecological Investigation (SGI) for an abstract that he submitted for their upcoming annual scientific meeting in Orlando, to be held in March.  He is a postdoctoral associate whose faculty mentor is Kirk P. Conrad, M.D. The Pfizer President’s…

2009 Kalra Awards for Endocrine Physiology

2009 Kalra Award Recipients Drew Taylor (left) and Karen Eberhart (right) have been honored with the 2009 Pusha S. Kalra Award for Endocrine Physiology. They are shown here with Dr. Kalra.

Annet Kirabo receives Medical Guild Award

Annet Kirabo (mentor: Peter Sayeski) has received a Medical Guild Research Incentive Award in recognition of her outstanding research. Previous recipients of this award include: Adam Mecca (mentors: Colin Sumners and Mike Katovich) Natasha Moningka (mentor: Chris Baylis)…

Daisy Daubert accepts Assistant Professorship

Daisy Daubert, Ph.D., has accepted an Assistant Professorship at Ferris State University in Michigan.  Daisy has been a postdoctoral associate in Debbie Scheuer’s lab for several years.  Her appointment will take effect in August 2009.

2009 APS and NIH travel award recipients

Leslie White (mentor: Chris Baylis) and Arthur Pope (mentor: A. J. Cardounel) have both received Minority Travel Fellowships from the American Physiological Society (APS) and The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). Annet Kirabo (mentor: Peter Sayeski) received an APS Travel Award  (Professional Skills Training Workshop).