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Kirk Conrad awarded E. H. Starling Distinguished Lectureship

Kirk P. Conrad, M.D., was named the Ernest H. Starling Distinguished Lectureship Awardee for 2010 by the American Physiological Society on April 26, 2010. On that occasion he presented a lecture entitled, “Maternal Vasodilation in Pregnancy: The Emerging Role of Relaxin.”…

Adam Mecca wins silver medal at COM Med Guild competition

Adam Mecca has won a Silver Medal in the 2010 COM Medical Guild Graduate Research Competition for his work on the cerebroprotective actions of angiotensin (1-7) against ischemic stroke. Adam is an MD-PhD student with Colin Sumners and Michael Katovich.

University Scholars Program research awards

Jason Joseph, Fiona Desland and Philip Ritucci, undergraduate researchers with Colin Sumners, all received 2010 University Scholars Program research awards for their work on the cerebroprotective actions of angiotensin peptides in ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

Natasha Moningka receives SEBM award

Natasha Moningka, a PhD student with Chris Baylis, has received an SEBM Young Investigator Award.…

Jono McGuane receives award from Society for Gynecological Investigation

Jonathan T. McGuane, Ph.D., has won an award from the Society of Gynecological Investigation (SGI) for an abstract that he submitted for their upcoming annual scientific meeting in Orlando, to be held in March.  He is a postdoctoral associate whose faculty mentor is Kirk P. Conrad, M.D. The Pfizer President’s…