Training Grants

Some of our faculty direct training programs that are funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  These training grants provide opportunities for beginning researchers to have hands-on experience in various laboratories.

NIH, “Multidisciplinary Training Program in Hypertension”

Director:  Charles E. Wood, Ph.D.

More information

NIH, “Short-term Training: Health Professional Schools”

Director: Colin Sumners, Ph.D.

NIH, “Training in Endocrine, Metabolic, and Prenatal Basis of Chronic Kidney Diseases”

Director: Charles E. Wood, Ph.D.

Medical Sciences Research Program

In addition, the College of Medicine’s Medical Sciences Research Program (MSRP) has the goal of facilitating and coordinating research activities of Medical Students.

Director: Colin Sumners, Ph.D.

MSRP Website