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Affiliate and Joint Faculty

Anderson, Peter A. V., Professor (Whitney Marine Laboratory)

Braith, Randy, W., Ph.D., Joint Professor (Center for Exercise Science, College of Health and Human Performance)

Burchfield, David J., M.D., Joint Professor (Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology)

Chun, Changzoon, Ph.D., Joint Assistant Professor (Medicine, Division of Nephrology)

Davenport, Paul W., Ph.D., Joint Professor (Veterinary Medicine: Physiological Sciences)

Euliano, Tammy Y., M.D., Affiliate Professor (Anesthesiology)

Harvey, William R., Ph.D., Joint Visiting Professor (The Whitney Laboratory, Environmental and Global Health)

Haskell-Luevano, Carrie, Ph.D., Joint Visiting Professor

Jiang, Zhihua, Ph.D., Joint Assistant Professor (Division of Vascular Surgery)

Judge, Andrew R., Ph.D., Joint Assistant Professor (Physical Therapy)

Katovich, Michael J., Ph.D., Joint Professor (Pharmacodynamics)

Keller-Wood, Maureen, Ph.D., Joint Professor (Chair, Department of Pharmacodynamics)

Krause, Eric G., Ph.D., Joint Assistant Professor (Pharmacodynamics)

Li, Qiuhong, Ph.D., Affiliate Associate Professor (Ophthalmology Research)

Limacher, Marian C., M.D., Joint Eminent Scholar (Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine)

Marchick, Michael R., M.D., Joint Assistant Professor (Emergency Medicine)

Miller, Brooke H., Ph.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor (Psychiatry)

Mohandas, Rajesh, M.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor (Medicine, Division of Nephrology)

Powers, Scotty K., Ph.D., Ed.D., Affiliate Professor (Co-Director, Center for Exercise Science)

Rogers, Richard J., M.D., Ph.D., Affiliate Assistant Professor (Anesthesiology)

Sautin, Yuri, Ph.D., D.Sc., Joint Associate Professor (Medicine, Division of Nephrology)

Vulpe, Christopher, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor, (Physiological Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine)

Weiner, I. David, M.D., Joint Professor (Medicine, Division of Nephrology)

Wingo, Charles S., M.D., Joint Professor (Medicine, Division of Nephrology)

Xia, Shen-Ling, Ph.D., Affiliate Associate Professor (Medicine, Division of Nephrology)